Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mario the Werewolf full fanfic


It all began on a normal Friday morning. Mario was sleeping soundly in his bed when his brother, Luigi, started yelling up the staircase that leads to Mario’s bedroom. “MAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! BREAKFAST IS READY!!!!” yelled Luigi. “Okay.”, yelled Mario groggily. Mario stepped down the staircase and began to sort through the mail. “Hmm, Luigi, Luigi, Luigi, Hey! A letter from Princess Peach!” Mario began to read the letter. Dear Mario, Help! Bowser’s kidnapped me again! Come help me! Love, Peach.


Mario and Luigi ran outside, but not before they ate a biscuit or two. They ran deep into Kali Woods. (It was the shortest way to Bowser’s castle.) They stopped at a large cave to rest. Mario turned to Luigi and began to tell a legend of a strange girl with a green ribbon tied to her neck. Luigi noticed a beast creeping up to Mario with its teeth bared. “Mario….” “What Luigi?” “BEHIND YOU!!!” But it was too late. The beast had bit Mario right in his arm! “YOW!” cried Mario before he fainted. Luigi ran back towards Toad Town to get help. The beast let out a howl of victory.


Mario soon awoke in the doctor’s office, his arm rapped with bandages. His arm stung, a bit like a bumblebee, but he didn’t mind. The doctor walked in with a young girl by her side. “Hey, Doc.” Mario said weakly. “Mario, this is my niece, Maria. She is training to become a nurse and study blood types. She is going to teach you how to heal a cut by yourself.” Mario sat, waiting. Maria suddenly blurted, “Wanna go on a date?” “Uhhhh…. Sure?” “Yes! Thank you Mario!” squealed Maria. Mario let out a long sigh. Little did he know, a surprise waited for him.


Mario and Maria sat in Mario’s race car, driving down a road in the woods. Suddenly, the car screeched to a stop. “Well it looks like we are out of gas!” Mario laughed. Maria smiled. They walked in the woods. Suddenly, the moon rose. Mario fell to his knees and began to growl. “Mario?” Maria asked. Mario lifted himself up, and was a WEREWOLF! Maria shrieked as Mario bared his teeth, and he slashed with his shiny, sharp claws. In a matter of seconds, Maria was dead. Mario let out a terrifying howl of victory.


Mario awoke in the forest, laying over something hard. Mario lifted his body up and looked at the thing. “MAMMA MIA!” cried Mario in shock. Maria’s skeleton, ripped clean of meat, laid under Mario’s risen chest, which was covered in blood and tears. Mario began to sweat. He had killed his best friend. He ran as fast as he could into the forest. He soon saw a house, with the lights on. It was shelter.


Mario ran up to the door and knocked thrice on it. A beautiful tween answered the door, with a cloak on. It was probably burlap. “Can I help you?” asked the girl. “Yes, I am Mario Mario…” The cloaked girl’s eyes flashed very quickly before Mario could finish. “Come in quickly. I know who you are, and what you need. I have just the perfect cure, for I am one myself.” the girl answered. Mario was welcomed into the house, which was bigger than it seemed. Mario gasped at the door that read medicinal room. “Come in quickly, you need the Kobraz Mind Cure.” “The what?” asked Mario “The Kobraz Mind Cure. It will make you a werewolf, but a self controlled werewolf. Now lay down on that cot while I make the potion. Hours went by. Soon, Mario was okay! Night came, and Mario painlessly turned into a brown wolf. Mario was thrilled.


Mario crept in the Kali Woods. He had some unfinished business to finish. He soon approached Bowser Castle. His ears, which were like radar disks, caught a sound of cries for help. It was Princess Peach. Mario slunk in the bushes that were in front of Bowser Castle’s entrance. “Hey!” cried out a voice. “Who goes there?” It was a Koopa Troopa guard. Mario slunk out. “Well, well, it’s just a dog!” the Koopa Troopa said, chuckling. “Just a dog?” asked Mario, growling. Mario replied, “Nope… Heh, did you order a knuckle sandwich?” before the guard could reply, Mario knocked him out. (Note to Amanda; He wasn’t hurt.)


Mario approached Bowser’s throne room. He took a deep breath, and rammed into the door. He growled, “It’s over King Bowser! I’m here to stop your evil actions!” But to Mario’s surprise, the evil king wasn’t there. “What in Sam Hill?!?” thought Mario. Suddenly, Bowser jumped right in front of Mario. Mario yipped in surprise. “Well, well isn’t my arch nemesis, Mario! You look just like a brown stinkin’ wolf! Ha! Whatta ya gonna do? Howl? Bwa Ha Ha!”, roared Bowser. “BRING IT ON!” yelled Mario, lunging at his spiky fiend. They battled almost all night.


At exactly 12:00 am, Mario saw the moon disappear behind the horizon and the sun rise. “Ruh Roh!” said Mario as he transformed back into his original form. He fell to the ground with a hearty thump. “Haw! Wooks wike wittle wolfie boi, *wheeze* had a gweat fall!” coughed Bowser. Mario stood up furiously. “Bowser, you are going to die!” He used his amazing strength and threw Bowser far away. “So long, de Bowser!” yelled Mario. Then, he fainted.


Mario groaned. His body stung just like his arm had done. Did the cure wear off? Nope. He blinked a couple of times to wear the sleep off. He opened his eyes fully. He gasped. It was nighttime! He cringed, thinking the pain would arrive, but it didn’t. He stopped. Was he a wolf already? Yep. He realized he was in the dungeon room, right below a hanging moss-covered cage. “Egggugh!”, thought Mario. “Mario, help me!” cried a voice. It was the Princess. “I’m coming!” barked Mario. He jumped onto the cage. Peach screamed. “Peach, itsa me-a, Mariooo!” howled Mario, pausing. “I’m sorry, I’m a beast.” Peach was quiet, but then, she smiled and said warmly, “You’re still my Mario!” then she kissed him on the lips. Mario smiled after the kiss and said, “Come on, Lets’a go!” They ran off into the moonlight.

THE END… for now…

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